Mountains in Texas

In 2010, the year that my world fell apart in so many ways, James took me to the mountains. I lived in Texas for 58 years before I knew that there were mountains like this. James knew, of course, and wanted to share them with me. We went to the Davis Mountains first. I was enthralled and so moved by the welcoming mountains. There was a comfort to the beautiful roundness, the lush green, the lovely curve. We walked and drove and went to the MacDonald Observatory and enjoyed the peacefulness of the Davis Mountains. Big Bend was out next stop and, as we approached, I was astounded, but also taken aback by what I saw. I always thought mountains were mountains, but these were completely different than the Davis Mountains. These were harsh, rugged, desert mountains. By our second day there, though, I began to see the majesty and the true beauty of Big Bend. A different kind of astonishing beauty. I loved being in the mountains.

We planned to go back, and made reservations twice, but had to cancel both times. Stupid cancer. Maybe someday.

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