Just Kidlets

Welcome to our kidlet photo album!

This is specifically for individual pages of kidlets photos so that they don’t have to look at photos of a lot of other people when all they really want to look at is themselves. Click on a name below to see their page.
And no, it doesn’t really matter how old they get, they will always be my kidlets.
Danny, Kendra, Colin, Sean, Kelsey, Paul, Megan, Brigid, Tyler –This is for you.


My Kidlets

 One of the first things I always tell people is

I have nine children.

I wait for the reaction.

I have seen it, heard it

Hundreds of times before

Yet, I need it.

Need the affirmation of my difference.

My children are my Pride.

I am the Mother, the Lioness, of this Pride.

They are part of me

I made them

They are dearer to me than my life

They have taught me so much more than I taught them

They have given me so much more than I gave them

They have been to me so much more than I have been to them

They will never know.

Until I am a grandmother.

There is

No thing I would not do

No place I would not go

I am so grateful and so proud

To be the mother of these breathtaking brilliant children.

She taught her children to listen to their hearts above all other voices.