Colin Brennan

Colin Patrick Brennan was born on June 25, 1982. He attended Sagemont Presbyterian Mothers Day Out, Burnett Elementary, Stuchbery Elementary, Thompson Intermediate, Dobie High School, and San Jacinto Junior College

My Colin

My Good Heart

My Poet’s Soul

My images of Colin –

Watching his soul enter his body

His searching mouth finds my breast

He sleeps in the basket beside my bed.

He is perfection.

Husky voice. Soft arms. Open heart.

Loves his family. Loves his home.

Loves loves loves loves loves.

This is Colin.

T-ball. Singing. Basketball.

Growing up. Hard to learn, to remember.

Trying. Frustrating..

In the middle. Little brother. Big brother.

Peacemaker. Wise.

Imitation. Acting. Play a role.

Too shy to be himself.

He is Rocky. He is Richie Valens.

Dream a Little Dream.

So good at playing others.

In love at last. Happy.

Then heartbroken.

His poet soul emerges. His soul sings.

He makes my soul sing.

Back in love again. Content to be himself.

Long hugs. “Love you, Mom.”

Love you, Colin.

You are my very heart.


May 2, 2003

This is a poem that Colin wrote for me for Mother’s Day 2003:
A Treasure in the Sky
A treasure in the sky
A soothing of the soul
Reason to always try
A reaching for the goal
My mom is always near
To help me see things clear.
My mom is always near
To help me have no fear.
She is the guiding force in my heart and I know I will never be lost.
With my mother’s loving smile, I can see the trail with little cost.
And if I’m scared and I lose control of what I know
I just turn to her and she shows me where to go.
The smartest person in the world.
The strongest person and prettiest girl.
So as I think of her and all the things she’s done,
I know that without her, my world has no sun.
I haven’t shown her what I can do with life; I’ve only just begun.
And when I need a little help, my mother is the one.
A treasure in the sky.
A whisper in the heart
A tear to never cry
Two souls that never part.
IMG_4638 IMG_5202Colin wrote this poem for me on Mother’s Day 2012
The original Sky the original Sky,
And absolute, she is. But the sky is not her limit.
The moon and stars, that is.
A lawyer, a teacher, a sister, a daughter,
A simple threaders, a thank you letter.
And if you think she’s right, well, you better!
And never bet her, cause you will lose.
A Jack and Doris spoiled baby.
A mother of nine, yet so much more to me.
The strongest limb on our family tree.
A loving wife,
Who keeps a warm and welcomed home.
A Sheltie owner, who keeps four bones.
A music major, who provides lovely tones.
An apple a day, with all the new iPhones.
Born and raised in the Mad Men era.
Then had three names,
A Brennan, Roach, Vara.
Now it’s May, Mother’s Day.
And who know what the future will bring.
But there’s no doubt that Sky is the reason
I’m not afraid to sing.
The original Sky, but her limit is beyond,
And who know if she will stop?
We are her pride, she is our lioness,
And our Lollipop.