Kendra Vara

Kendra Colleen Vara — born on February 3, 1977 in Houston, Texas.

Attended Burnett Elementary, Thompson Intermediate, Dobie High School, High School in Iceland, University of Houston, and Georgia State University, where she got her Bachelor of Arts as a political science major in 2003.

My Kendra,

My Adventure,

My Love

My images of Kendra –

So different from my first birth

Fear, pain, death

Cut from my body,

Then cuddled to my breast.

Ah, milkmother. I am. I love this.

Big brown curls. Big brown eyes.

Gorgeous, this tiny girl, this part of me.

Purple. Everything purple.

She doesn’t know what sassy means.

Strawberry Shortcake. My Little Pony.

From Barbie to Depeche Mode.

From Houston to Iceland.

Three times!

She leaves too early.

How will she grow to be like me when she lives across the world?

Yet, she does.

The best and the worst of me.

The inside out of me.

The loving, the questioning, the intolerance, the yearning.

The need to be needed, wanted, accepted, adored.

The need to fix.


Kendra is an ocean.

I see the ebb and flow, but am powerless to control it.

There is more. Life in the depths.

Kendra is light. Kendra is dark.

Kendra wonders. Kendra wanders.

A gem like her – nothing to do but polish her and let her shine.

Always my most exciting adventure.

Always my love.


May 1, 2003

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