Sean Brennan

Sean, Shah, BaySha, Seany

Sean Tomas Brennan was born on October 30, 1984. He attended Sagemont Presbyterian Mothers Day Out, Burnett Elementary, Stuchbery Elementary, Thompson Intermediate, Dobie High School, and the University of Houston.


My Sean

My Soul

My Self

My images of Sean–

The last baby to leave my body.


Blindfolded baby under the lights

Making me giggle as I worried.

Bipolar Baby – is that even possible?

Either screaming with real tears,

Or tumbling over with laughter.

Serious Sean.

Smiling Sean.

Sweet Sean.

Smart Sean.

Seeing Sean.

Bottle with a straw.

Mr. Rogers. Ties. Jackets.

Basketball. Computers. Games. Girls.

Creases between his brows

Born in his baby forehead.

His grandchildren will put their fingers insides those lines.

Sean follows his brothers

Yet is his own person

Practical. Longs to please.

Worried. Always worried.


Or so it seems to those who don’t know his heart.


Of enough things that it sometimes feels like

Too much trouble to just go through the motions of a day.

Successful. That’s his future.

He doesn’t see it now.

I know Sean as I know myself.

My Sean.

My Soul.

My Self.


May 2, 2003

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